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We believe that accountants can (and do) change lives. Our mission is to change the world one accountant at a time. We do this by helping accountants build profitable and rewarding firms. In doing so, we know that we are helping accountants facilitate their clients build profitable and rewarding businesses that make a real contribution to the world.

Our Mission

Accountants don’t just have the potential to transform the world. It is their responsibility.


To 10x 5,000 accountancy firms by 2023


Which in turn will 10x 100,000 SME businesses across the world


In doing so, together we will have changed the world for the better

About Des O’Neill


I wake up every morning to provide visionary leadership so people can realise their true potential with ease while inspiring and motivating others to do the same.


"Clear material presented in practical terms with relevant examples."

H Case

J Case & Co

"One of the most important events I have ever attended. There will be big changes in my practice following this."

K McLaughlin

John Marks & Co

"Des is excellent. Hugely energetic and massively passionate about the profession."

A McCarthy

Ormbsy Rhodes